Friday, July 21, 2017

Thank you! @crossfitoutpace @Regrann from @crossfitoutpace - We did quite a bit of research before deciding on plates for CrossFit Outpace, and we are very excited to have selected Vulcan Alphas from @vulcanstrengthtrainingsystems ! We think they are by far the most unique and versatile plates currently on the market for many reasons: - Color-coded - Super quiet when dropped - Low bounce, much like competition plates – no more erratic bouncing like Hi-Temps or other crumb rubber bumpers - Durable enough to use indoor and outdoors (oh yeah, we will be working out outside!) - And speaking of dropping, you can confidently drop them from overhead… even the 10lb plates! How do you like that! We have several thousand pounds worth of these bad boys ready for you. Get ready! #crossfitoutpace #crossfit #comingsoon #vulcanstrength - #regrann

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