Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Products

We continue to grow and add products to our line.  It's really one the most enjoyable aspects of our business; to bring a new product to our customers or a new product to the market in general.  We feel the same way our customer's do when they wait in anticipation for the Fed Ex truck or other carrier to bring them all the cool stuff they've ordered.  Our shipments are much larger and our wait time considerably longer but we feel just like kid's at Christmas time when we break the seal on a container load of equipment or our local factory brings us a big load of steel rigging and accessories.  Many of these products we already have in stock and some will be locking into place in the next few months.

Weightlifting Belts
Made in USA from high quality sole leather.  One of the great things about this product is the treatment and conditioning of the leather.  These belts have been treated and conditioned which makes the leather very pliable and just a really high quality feel.  We'll have naturally treated leather, black, as well as colored suede's as options.  Two thicknesses: 1/4" for those who like a thinner belt which allows more movement and a 1/2" for maximum support.  All options will be double stitched, and double pronged. Coming in two to three weeks along with wrist wraps, lifting straps, dip belts, and other accessories, all Made in USA!

Olympic Bars  
Going Forward we will offer three levels of Olympic Bars.  Garage Gym/Personal Training Grade:  Men's and Women's 20 kg and 15 kg Olympic bars.  Bushing bars with snap ring construction, decent rotation, and 191,000 psi steel.  These are very durable bars and will come with a warranty.  The goal of this line of bars is to provide a high quality durable bar at an affordable price.  Does it spin as well as a bearing bar? No, of course not.  Will it bend or break? No, not with 191,000 psi steel.  These bars have a very basic bushing bar construction to keep manufacturing costs reasonable and retail costs to you as the customer even more reasonable.  The reality of weightlifting and weight training is that most  garage lifters and even small groups of personal training clients do not require the precision movement and ultimate tensile strength of our higher level bars.  The Garage gym grade will be available in Bright Zinc only as this is the best all around coating for bars that may be used in humid climates and may not get the greatest amount of maintenance. These bars shouldn't be thought of as "beater" bars as no one makes a "beater" with 191,000 psi steel.  Full Gym/Elite Training Grade:  20 kg and 15 kg options. Elite Training Bushing Bar in 20 kg, with bright zinc shaft and standard chrome sleeves, or black oxide shaft and black manganese phosphate sleeves. 15 kg CrossFit Bearing in all bright zinc or all black oxide.  220,000 PSI for Elite Training Bushing Bar and 191,000 PSI Steel for 15 kg CrossFit Bearing Bar.  These bars are precision made, offer very smooth rotation, high spin and moderate whip. These bars are made for full gym use and/or elite level training.
Professional/Competition Grade: The Professional Grade represents our highest quality Olympic Bars made for competition or high level Olympic Weightlifting.  This grade represents the highest tensile strength of our bars, most exact tolerances, highest grade of bearings, craftsmanship, and performance.  Tensile strength beyond all grades and only available in Hard Chrome plating consistent with all high level weightlifting bars. Incredible spin and whip on these bars, IWF spec knurling that would be considered moderately aggressive by most experienced weightlifters.

V-Lock All Rubber Change Plates
Simple Fact:  Metal to Metal contact creates wear.  Sharp metal edges will chip finishes.  Metal change plates, not secured to the bar with collars will clang around quite a lot and put some nice scratches on your bar sleeve.  Paint on metal change plates will chip off.  Rubber on metal change plates will peel off.  Zinc plated inserts pressed into rubber coated/metal change plates will eventually depart from the plate.  The solution is simple for all these issues.  Solid Rubber Change plates.  No metal to metal contact, no paint chipping, no bar damage, no rubber coat cracking and peeling from the change plates.  V-Locks are precision molded and only guaranteed to fit Vulcan and other bars with true 50 mm shafts.

More to Come!

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