Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Vulcan Strength Newsletter

New Products!
Olympic Weightlifting Platforms
We have multiple options available for the Vulcan Weightlifting Platform. High Grade Manchurian Ash wood, black or red dense rubber mats to absorb impact and noise, band attachments and floor bolt down tabs. The Vulcan Weightlifting platform gives your facility a professional appearance while creating designated and safe areas for your athletes to perform barbell lifts.
Olympic Bars
We've added two new bars to the Vulcan Line up. The 15 kg version of the Vulcan One Basic. We've received several requests for this variant over the months. We have also added a 10 needle bearing, 28 mm diameter shaft, Made in USA, Olympic Weightlifting bar. This bar has IWF Single markings and no center knurl.
Squat Stands
We've added two new variants of squat stands. A very durable basic squat stand that can be used in any garage gym or training center and a commercial grade squat stand with pull up bar and safety spotters. Both of these stands are what people have come to expect from Vulcan. Heavy, solid, high quality pieces.
Specialty Bars
We have a full line of specialty bars. Our specialty bars are very heavy duty and very affordable for the quality. Free Shipping within the continental US.
Competition Kettlebells
The long awaited Vulcan Absolute Kettlebells will be in stock this month. It has taken a long time to perfect this kettlebell. It is the most advanced designed, ergonomically correct kettlebell ever created. Hence we have patented the design in the US and abroad. We are taking it one step further by creating a fitness version of this kettlebell. The Vulcan Absolute design is superior to any kettlebell so it only makes sense to use the same design for fitness/training kettlebells. The Vulcan Absolute has more space on the handle for two hands than any other kettlebell, making it great for two hand swings. They also have a very flat base and consistent handle size between all weights making them perfect for any number of exercises. The Absolute Training kettlebells will be all black cast iron with a 33.5mm handle and slightly smaller than the Absolute Competition Kettlebells and as a result will not meet competition specifications.
Bumper Plates
We have multiple new variants of bumper plates and adding more. We still make the industry's most durable bumper plate and offer free shipping within the US. We have added color KG training bumper plates. These plates will provide a less costly alternative to competition bumper plates. The sport of Olympic Weightlifting is growing at an unbelievable rate in the United States. Equipping a weightlifting gym with several sets of competition bumpers or even a garage gym can be cost prohibitive for many. In order to make weightlifting as a sport and a fitness activity more accessible to the youth and the general public we want to provide affordable and durable training options. After all, do we really need competition bumper plates just to train the lifts? Also, please stay up with us on social media. We will be making announcement about our new recycled rubber plates!
Closeouts and Sales!
Vulcan Fitness Kettlebells are now on final Clearance at 35% Off. We are completely phasing out this style of kettlebell. We are replacing it with a version of our Vulcan Absolute™ Competition Kettlebell. The upcoming Vulcan Absolute™ Training Kettlebell will be solid black cast iron, making it more affordable than a competition kettlebell. The Patented Absolute design is the most advanced and ergonomic kettlebell available. For fitness or training purposes this kettlebell offers a wider grip than any fitness or competition kettlebell available. It can accommodate any size hands in a position that offers a more advantageous grip and comfort. All kettlebells will have a perfectly round and uniform 33.5 mm handle. These kettlebells are slightly smaller in dimension than the Vulcan Absolute Competition Kettlebell and do meet recognized international standards for competition. As for now, take advantage of these great savings on these high quality standard fitness kettlebells that are widely available but priced much more from other suppliers!
Coming Soon ...
New Vulcan Medicine Balls
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