Sunday, February 23, 2014

Vulcan Elite Competition Kettlebells at the Arnold

We are happy to announce that we will be sponsoring the 2014 pan American Kettlebell Lifting Championships at the upcoming Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus Ohio.  All platforms at this event will be equipped with Vulcan Elite Competition Kettlebells.  Kettlebell Lifting or Girevoy Sport as it is called in Europe has grown increasingly popular amongst weightlifting enthusiasts and the CrossFit community.  Vulcan is the official equipment supplier of the IUKL/AKA in the United States.  The IUKL (The International Union of Kettlebell Lifting) is the oldest and largest Kettlebell lifting organization in the World.

There has been an explosion of growth in the sport of Kettlebell Lifting over the last 5 years to now include over 30 countries represented within the IUKL.

The sport of Kettlebell Lifting has existed since the 1800's but was officially organized fist in 1948.  Girevoy Sport consists of two disciplines: Long Cycle (Clean and Jerk), and Biathlon (Jerk of two kettlebells followed by Snatch of one kettlebell).  All events are contested within ten minute time limits.  All repetitions are judged and the standard of a good lift versus no lift is Fixation.  Fixation means the kettlebell(s) must come to a complete and motionless stop overhead as well as the lifter's body.  Amateur men compete with 24 kg kettlebells and professional men compete with 32kg kettlebells (two kettlebells for Long cycle and Jerk, one kettlebell for snatch).  Amateur women compete with 16kg and professional women compete with 24 kg (one kettlebell for Long Cycle, Jerk, or Snatch).

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